SIXSURGERY | BBL Patient Interview on SURGERY, RECOVERY, FAJA’S + EVERYTHING you need to know

This interview with our BBL patient @6ixDollSix explains the entire Brazilian Butt Lift process from initial research, to day of surgery, to recovery.
If you’re considering having a BBL procedure, this is a MUST watch!

What questions do you still have for Dr. 6ix? Ask away in the comments!

00:58 – What made you decide to get a BBL?
03:27 – RESEARCH: How did you research the BBL procedure?
04:46 – RESEARCH: What made you choose Dr. 6ix as your surgeon?
37:26 – RESEARCH: How much fat is retained after a BBL?
04:09 – SAFETY: How to avoid a dangerous procedure and BBL Safety

05:22 – DAY OF SURGERY: Walk us through the day of your surgery.

06:31 – ANESTHESIA: Can a BBL be performed under local anesthetic (awake)? + Patient experience being put to sleep.
34:47 -ANESTHESIA: How does a surgeon choose to perform a procedure awake vs aleep?
08:34 – MEDICATION: Pain after surgery and medication information
32:06 – MEDICATION: Should patients stop taking anxiety meds before surgery?
36:34 – MEDICATION: Are there alternatives to taking narcotics after surgery if you can’t have them?

12:13 – RECOVERY PROCESS: How did you maintain your results post-surgery?
25:39 – RECOVERY PROCESS: Key ingredients to maintaining your surgery results
18:42 – RECOVERY PROCESS: Timeline of recovery
25:18 – RECOVERY PROCESS: Dealing with emotions and body image issues during recovery
28:39 – RECOVERY PROCESS: What makes a surgeon choose to use drains vs. no drains after liposuction?

20:20 – FAJA’S 101

32:05 – Questions from Followers


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