How to become a model

If you have an interested in becoming a professional model, it takes discipline, perseverance and effort. You need to plan, prepare yourself and follow strategies to get noticed. Therefore, here are six steps you can follow to become a successful model.

Taking some basic snapshots.

  • At the outset, what you need to present the modelling agents and scouts are your basic snapshots.
  • They will look for beautiful face shots comprising both smiling and not smiling, left and right sides of your face and body, a back shot and a full-length shot.
  • It is significant to pose with a simple tank top or a t-shirt and form-fitting clothing like skinny jeans.
  • If you are comfortable with swimming suit, you can include a few shots as well.

Getting evaluated by experienced professionals.

  • It is critical to get the opinion of more than one scout or agent as most of them to specialise in just one particular area.
  • Only because one agent cannot accept you, that does not mean that any other agent may not.
  • Therefore, you need to get your modelling potential evaluated by professionals before investing time and money into the modelling career.
  • Most of the new models assume that they dwell in a smaller market where the majority of the agents are associated with the modelling schools or photography studios, because of that they may not tend to get a proper evaluation.
  • Without being demotivated, you can go through the courses and photo shoots they provide to evaluate your potential.

Getting as much exposure as possible.

  • The more you expose yourself to the agents and scouts, the higher the opportunity in finding representation and jobs.In the beginning, you should reveal to the clients and scouts as they are the ones who have all the client contacts and who are going to promote you.
  • There are different methods you can follow to get the exposure.
  • Attending modelling convention, although this is an excellent way for newcomers, it is costly.
  • Email your photos to the agencies. This action may be fast but less effective as emails are rarely checked.
  • Send your photos by mail to agencies. However, it is expensive and time-consuming.
  • Create a profile with They have direct connections to all the top modelling agencies in the world.

Knowing the best modelling market.

  • New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo are the major modelling markets in the world.
  • The market can also refer to segments which your look falls into, like petite, clothing and fashion, commercial or plus size.
  • Unless you get represented by New York or Paris, you can be perfect for Singapore or other Asian markets based on the distinct look by getting the guidance from an experienced agent.

No need to spend money on expensive photoshoots.

  • Spending money on expensive photo shoots are not necessary for beginners.
  • All the agents and scouts want to see how you look naturally with little makeup and simple clothing.
  • If the agents accept your potential, they will recommend you for investing in professional photoshoots and suitable markets for your look.
  • Some agencies may offer the expense of a professional photoshoot which you can pay back with booking modelling jobs.

It would help if you were persistent.

  • Becoming a professional model won’t happen overnight.
  • Therefore you need to stay positive and focused on the agencies as although they did not represent you in the past; it does not mean they won’t be interested in future.

You can become successful in modelling by following above steps. Good luck.

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