Runway Modelling

History of runway modelling

Run Way modelling first initiated in the 19-century in France. During this period, France couture salons in Paris hosted events to showcase their fashions. These were considered as fashion parades. In the beginning, runway modelling was only aimed towards a select group of people. It was so strict that it could not be photographed not until the 1940s. Modelling drew the attention of Americans in the early years of the 20th century. Eventually, American department stores started organizing their runway shows. These shows were targeted at high-class women. As popularity for runway modelling overgrew, fashion designers began producing their appearances in the early 1970s.

What is runway modelling

A model can be described as a person who is used to promote, advertise or showcase a commercial product or to serve as a visual aid for artist creating work of art. It may be in the field of fashion, photography, or only art. Usually, when we hear the word “model”, it instantly reminds us of a female. However, there are male models as well. Especially in the clothing industry. “Modelling” cannot be compared and considered similar to other types of public showcases. Such as dancing, acting or appearing in a TV advertisement. Modelling does not involve talking. There are different types of modelling such as fashion, fitness, bikini, fine art, body-part, promotional and commercial print models.

Runway modelling as a profession

In the 21st century, fashion modelling is considered to be a full-time profession with an extremely high earning. Due to the high competition, it’s not easy as to become a runway model. A runway model is described as a person who poses to display clothing by walking along a narrow stage AKA runway in front of an audience. Some fashion experts describe runway modelling as art. Sometimes we even see celebrities, singers, actors, sports personalities frequently participating in as runway models. Runway models display clothes from fashion designers, fashion media. They’re often mentioned as live models.

Requirements to become a model

If anyone is considering runway modelling as a career goal, they need to look into the demands of being a model. The model applicant should be between the age of 16-21yrs of age with an average height of 5’9″ -6′ -1″. Having a healthy, well tones body, delicate skin, teeth, a beautiful smile is very much necessary. Apart from that, a runway model should have high confidence and attitude to carry themselves on the runway. Many articles suggest that if a person is interested in this field; they should improve in many areas. Such as Learning the correct way to walk on a runway is essential for all runway models. Carrying a confident look added advantage when dealing in any area of the modelling profession. Moreover, you need to take care of your body to the fullest by doing regular exercises, eating healthily, maintaining your skin and face. Furthermore, you have to improve your social background, build your portfolio, choose an appropriate, reliable market and an agency that will help you to reach your goals. It’s essential to meet new people and expose yourself to the society of fashion. Building up your confidence to speak yourself and perseverance is extremely important too.

Perks of being a runway model

Although the life of a runway model seems like it is all glitz and glam, it’s not as it appears on the camera all the time. There is a lot of hard work that’s put into becoming a successful model. There are significant perks to the job, and it often offers flexibility and travel opportunities unparalleled by other careers, helps to build up connections within the fashion industry.

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