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Read this if you’re trying to manifest a text from someone, wanting your ex back, or if your having trouble in any of your relationships…

You may have heard the following statements in the LOA like: “everyone is you pushed out”
“everyone is a mirror”
“everyone is a reflection of you”
“perception is projection”

They are all ways of describing the same concept. That everyone will act exactly how you expect them to act. So if you say: So and so complains, you have just created that, so your experience of that person will be them complaining.

Whether it is getting your ex back or landing you dream job, understanding that everyone is a reflection of your thoughts is a real game changer.

Our thoughts create, and once we realize that our thoughts can even change our experience of how other people interact with us… ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

I understand that when we first learn LOA we say things like… I can’t make them think differently.. or I can’t control how people treat me… well you can. Because your thoughts create how you experience interactions with other people.

Now this is a concept that you have to experience to really believe…

As a certified counselor and life coach here is a exercise that I recommend doing to get you started so you can start seeing evidence of this concept in action:

1. Write down a list of things that you want people to say to you. You can be specific or vague, it doesn’t matter.

Example: I intend for people to compliment my hair style today.
I intend for my boyfriend to tell me that he loves living with me.
I intend for my clients to tell me I am an awesome life coach.
I intend for my boss to tell me I am his best employee.
I intend for complete strangers to smile and say Hi to me…etc etc

Create the list however you want, but make sure it is an interaction you want to experience involving someone else. And make it things that you are not going to dwell on or even doubt that could happen because you’re attempting to build the “I can create anything” muscle and not the “this doesn’t work” muscle. 😉

2. Review the list at the end of the day or in a few days (Give enough time for your subconscious mind time to make all of them happen)

3. Once you have manifested some of the littler things and see the magic of this concept in action.. start to tackle the things that may seem harder to manifest like: I intend for my ex to text me… I intend for everyone around me to treat me with respect.. I intend for my ex to call me and say he wants me back.. etc… etc

Enjoy and have fun with this. I’m happy to answer any questions!

Happy Creating my friends!

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