Abraham Hicks New 2016 – The Meaning of Fear – (law of attraction)

Abraham Hicks 2016 Newest workshop excerpts
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โ˜… Your Youniverse created this channel to share the greatest secrets of the Universe. Our reality is created through alignment with Universal Laws that govern over all that is. Without knowledge of how to harmoniously work with these laws, & utilize them for purposeful manifestation, a person may meander through life believing that everything just happens “to” them. Conscious realization, & afresh ability to make favorable use of these laws, aids a person in crafting a life with precision regarding their dreams & desires. The law of attraction, & its counterparts, are a very real “thing”. You can have everything you want!

The purpose of the videos presented through this channel are to encourage an open mind to the possibilities of who and what we each are, and to deliver messages to those that are in need of hearing them at the time that they do. Enjoy!

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