Law of Attraction Explained Simply

What are most people not understanding about the Law of Attraction?

95% of our thoughts are UNCONCIOUS. That means we only spend 5% of our day consciously aware of what we are thinking.

If your concious mind only controls 5% of your daily thoughts, then you are ONLY really attracting about 5% of what you really actually want in life.

The other 95% of the time your unconcsious mind takes control and through prior conditioning and habitual patterns your life, your job, your relationships, your salary.. Literally just about everything in your reality is attracted within this 95% of your thinking.

SO… if YOU WANT the Law of ATTRACTION to work in your favor… YOU MUST acknowlege the power of your unconscious mind.

You must begin breaking negative thought patterns and begin shedding light on the paradigm that if unconsciously controlling your life.

Increase your vibration and levels of awareness by developing new habits that will begin reprogramming your sense of self and all you are capable of.

Write your dream on an index in first person, commit to a 10 day Gratitude Detox and write 10 things you are grateful for EVERY MORNING, let go of relationships inhibiting your personal growth and financial freedom.

Choose you. SHIFT that paradigm. Remember THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.


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