Brisbane plastic surgeon Dr David Sharp discusses facial plastic and cosmetic surgery

Facial plastic surgery is all about rejuvenating and enhancing; Dr Sharp works with each patient’s natural anatomy to make strategic long term changes. Rather than it being obvious that you’ve had something done, it’s more about people just thinking you look refreshed.

The most common procedures he performs on the face are:
– Facelift – learn more:
– Blepharoplasty – learn more:
– Rhinoplasty – learn more:
– Chin enhancement (genioplasty) – learn more:

Otoplasty for ear pinning and brow lift surgery are also popular facial procedures.

These are usually performed under general anaesthetic as day surgery.

But in some cases, Dr Sharp also performs smaller procedures such as lip lift, eyelid lift or fat grafting under local anaesthetic.

He takes a holistic approach to facial surgery, looking at the patient’s bone structure, muscle and underlying tissues – as well as their skin condition.

These procedures are best suited to people who are at a healthy, stable weight.

And they aren’t only about looking better; facial surgery can offer functional benefits. For example, blepharoplasty or eyelid lift surgery can improve visual fields and rhinoplasty can assist with obstructed breathing. Due to these functional benefits, medicare item numbers and rebates sometimes apply. Talk to us if you’d like to find out if your procedure is medically required and meets the criteria.

The team in our clinics are specially trained and skilled to help you through every step of your surgical journey!

Learn more about facial plastic surgery with Dr Sharp here:


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