The Law of Attraction and War, Child Abuse, and Negative Experiences….Why? Explained.

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This video will give you an understanding of The Law of Attraction and War, Child Abuse, and Negative Experiences….Why? Explained., Transcript below….

This video, I’m going to be showing you the correlation of the law of attraction with negative events in life, whether it be something like understanding the Holocaust and why that would happen, understanding at a deeper level, things like child abuse and different experiences. I’m going to show you how to transcend those and what we can collectively do together to completely transform the world’s. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now, to be honest with you, this is an interesting video for me to make. Now the reason I say that because I’ve had this question for the longest time. People asking how the law of attraction relates to people that experience negative situation, so people will say, what about the child, the child in Africa who hasn’t eaten in forever and is starving to death and questions like that?

Now with it, there’s a couple different layers to understanding this and one of them has to do with awareness. Now, the reason I say awareness is because there are people that use the law of attraction with awareness and when we are understanding of the principles and how they work, we can then actually apply it. Now, most of the population of the world is completely unaware that they create their own reality. So therefore what happens is they then go on default and by default I mean then they go on the social conditioning, on what we are taught and what we are told. So the reason I think the law of attraction is so important. The reason I think that what I’m doing can really help people is by understanding that we can take our power back. Now I’m trying to figure out how esoteric, not esoteric, but how deep I want to go in this video because there’s a lot of different layers to it and they in a way open up Pandora’s box that opens up a whole new world from different aspects.

Now, one of them is understanding the control of the media and the control of the people behind the government. And I’m not saying this from a negative point of view. I’m saying this from a point of view of awareness. Now what do I mean by that? Collectively and individually, we are creating our own reality, so what I mean by that is you have the influence and the ability to change your life depending on the focus of your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, and that bite focusing it. You create what you want in a powerful way. Now there is an electromagnetic energy around your body that is filled up with the emotions and the thoughts that you’ve had that stays charged with the momentum of how you’re thinking, filling an acting now in the same way that there is an electromagnetic energy around your body. There’s an electromagnetic energy around the earth that is comprised of all of our individual thoughts, emotions, and actions that add up to making the whole consciousness of the planet.

So we are all connected. We’re all in this together. Now, collectively, it wouldn’t even take that many people, but they have proven that when you get a certain amount of people and you put them in meditating on love and peace, it has the potential. Two thousand people did this and it reduced crime by 75 percent over the whole planet. How crazy is that? 2,000 people because the power of positive emotion, the power of that kind of feeling can influence the rest of the population and especially when people start to raise their consciousness. The higher vibration you have, the more you can influence society and the more you influence everything about your world.

Now there’s a lot of power in that. Now, on the other side of that, on the flip side of that, there are people that know this. There are people that try to keep us inside of a box, try to keep us believing that the world is 100 percent negative. That’s why everything you see on the media is negative. Now, this is the biggest con or the biggest thing that we can start to realize is that we believe, and even if we unconsciously believe, because I know that some people will say that this is part of the….

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This video is about The Law of Attraction and War, Child Abuse, and Negative Experiences….Why?


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