3 Beginner Mistakes Guys Make With Women

So many good men end up getting rejected or friend zoned by pretty women who would have hooked up with them, or gotten into a relationship with them if they had only known how to avoid the 3 mistakes I discuss and give examples of in this video.

Without knowing these 3 basic, beginner mistakes, a guy will struggle to get easy, consistent results with women he finds attractive.

Attractive women will always seem to be a mystery to him.

They just won’t ever seem to make sense.

Additionally, a guy in that position will often see other guys who aren’t as good looking (cool or intelligent) as him with pretty women and wonder, “What the heck is going on? What does she see in him? Can’t she see that I’m better looking/cooler/a better guy overall?”

It just won’t make any sense to him why the girl would go for the other guy and not be interested in a guy like him.

So, to hopefully get a different result with pretty women, he might then decide to focus on trying to build up his career and hope that women eventually like him for that.

All the while though, he will notice that guys who aren’t doing as well as him in their career, or who are just working in an entry level job (e.g. waiter, bar assistant, basic office job, apprentice, fast food worker, etc) are able to attract pretty women for sex and relationships.

Years later, he might also realize that despite the improvements in his career, he still isn’t able to attract the pretty women he wants.

So, what is he missing?

Why isn’t he getting results with pretty women when other guys are able to?

In many cases, it will be due to him making one or more beginner mistakes that can easily be fixed.

Unfortunately, many men don’t ever realize how close they are to being successful with women.

Most men are simply a few adjustments away from easily attracting women, getting laid and getting a girlfriend.

Yet, they just don’t know it.

They assume that they are doomed when it comes to women and often ignore the fact that other normal, every day guys are able to easily get laid and get a girlfriend.

They are not doomed.

In fact, instantly attracting women is easy to do once you know what you’re doing.

It may seem difficult to some guys initially, but it’s not.

It’s simple once you get it.

Once you get it, women suddenly make total sense and you realize how easy they are to attract and pick up.

BTW: I hope you enjoyed today’s video and learned some interesting and useful tips and insights from it.

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I’ll see you in the next video.



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