Weird Rumors The World Believed About Meghan Markle's Pregnancy

There’s been a lot of talk about the newest royal baby’s exact due date, gender, and birth plan, but Meghan and Harry are staying mum. Of course, that’s not exactly going to stop the gossip from spreading. Here are some of the absolute weirdest rumors we’ve heard surrounding Meghan Markle and her pregnancy.

Kensington Palace revealed Meghan’s pregnancy in October 2018. Although that was the first official report, it wasn’t the first time we’d heard Meghan was expecting. A year earlier, Ok! Magazine cited supposed “Palace insiders” who claimed she was already as far as three months along. The publication also ran a, quote, “pregnant” photo of Meghan on the cover, which might have been enough to fool readers into thinking the news was true.

Of course, we later found out this the rumor was all kinds of false. Prince Harry married Meghan the following May in front of the whole world, and there was no baby bump or postpartum bump in sight. The baby gossip certainly didn’t end there, though. After the couple got hitched, many people kept an even more watchful eye on Meghan. From fortune tellers to oddsmakers, nearly everyone was making predictions on when there would be a royal pregnancy… and that trend has hardly abated as the world waits for the baby to finally be born.

Watch to learn more about weird rumors the world believed about Meghan Markle’s pregnancy!

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She was pregnant in 2017 | 0:17
The baby news and Eugenie | 1:21
The baby bump is fake | 2:45
Prince Harry isn’t the father | 3:27
Avoiding all gender stereotypes | 4:22
She’s expecting twins | 5:26
And the twins are girls | 6:04
Yay! It’s a boy! | 6:52
The baby will be vegan | 7:49
The “men in suits” | 8:45
The Lindo Wing theory | 9:37
Kate won’t be the godmother | 10:41


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