I Got Pregnant In Elementary School

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Hi, my name is Kayla, and I got pregnant when I was still in elementary school.

I grew up in this really small island. We had few neighbors and children didn’t get to go to public school. To study, I would have to travel many miles every day, and my parents couldn’t afford it.

My mom and dad wanted a better future for me, and they began saving up every penny they earned. It was a hard time because we had little to eat and my parents worked almost all day long. I had to help out a lot around the house, even if I was really young.

I can’t thank my parents enough for everything they did for me, and I know I disappointed them by getting pregnant when I was so young. I hope I can make it up to them and repay them for all their effort and love.

When I was 9 years old, they managed to save up enough money to move to America. I knew a little English, but it was hard starting from scratch. I had a lot to learn, and I had never gone to school at all before arriving to the USA.

Everything was new to me. Growing up in such a small island, I wasn’t used to the busy streets or being surrounded by lots of people. I wasn’t used to the fast-paced life of the city either. It was all so foreign and odd to me!

What was worse, I was older than my classmates when my mom and dad finally managed to get me enrolled in a public school.

I was really eager to learn, though, so I studied hard and paid attention to my teachers. I did my homework every evening and practiced speaking and writing in English. Dad worked two jobs, and that allowed mom to take care of me when I wasn’t at school. That was also a big change because they usually didn’t have enough time to be around me often.

I was really happy about this. I was a kid and really needed my mom to be by my side. She helped me with my homework and motivated me to be responsible. I became a great student, and my teachers considered allowing me to skip a grade. Since I didn’t have any previous education, they decided against it, even if it meant I was older than my classmates and I showed promise.

Perhaps, they told me, I would be able to skip a grade or two when I reached high school.

6th grade arrived, and everything was going well. My parents had both managed to get far better jobs. Dad was able to be home every night, and we were living in a nice apartment, in a better neighborhood.

My life was a lot better than it had ever been at the island. I had friends, I was studying, we lived in a nice place. Mom and dad could actually spend time with me and we even had enough money to afford nicer clothes and furniture. We were not rich or anything of the sort, but it was more than enough for us!

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