Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck Cosmetic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

In this video, Sarah from Saskatchewan Canada talks about her breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. She previously also had lap band surgery.

Breast implant is a procedure done to restore breast volume lost after pregnancy or weight loss surgery. It is done for the aesthetic enhancement of the breast of a woman. There are three types of breast implants for women known as mammoplasty, breast reconstruction, and breast augmentation.

Tummy tuck surgery is a cosmetic procedure done to tighten the lower abdomen by removing extra fat and skin. It is generally done on patients with loose tissues because of pregnancy or sagging of belly after a weight loss procedure.

Low cost tummy tuck in Tijuana, Mexico attracts lots of tourists from different international destinations to visit the city for specialized procedures.

Low cost does not compromise with quality of the surgery as tummy tuck in Mexico is performed by experts in the field along with excellent medical facilities.

Please click on the link provided above for more information on breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

Other cosmetic procedures: liposuction, face lift, lipo, macs lift, liposuction, post bariatric weight loss surgery,body-contouring procedures, excess skin and pockets of fat are removed from the abdominal area, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, and breasts, body lift, or belt lipectomy, medial thigh lift, breast reduction, remove excess skin from the arm brachioplasty, upper body lift, lower body lift, neck lift, excess skin surgery.
Other locations in Mexico: Mexicali, Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Guadalajara, Cancun, Puerto vallarta in Jalisco.

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