Cosmetic Surgery and Treatment for Men – Why Retaining a Masculine Look is Important

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A 52-year-old man, who has never had any cosmetic treatments, asks for recommendations for cosmetic treatments for his face. He points out that he is tired-looking due to his heavy facial folds and tear troughs. He wants things to be done over a period of time as to not show his vanity.

New York Oculofacial plastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews his photos and his concerns in this video, explaining non-surgical and surgical procedures that can help him:

1:07 – Dr. Prasad’s background training, and his specialty in eye and eyelid surgery, as well as facial cosmetic surgery, with a natural look that is particularly important for men
1:50 – How a surgeon’s perspective is important, but it is even more important for a patient to state their priority areas for treatment
2:31 – How tired-looking eyes are one of the common problems people have, and can be caused by a combination of hooded upper eyelids, and volume loss in the tear trough, as well loss of volume in the cheeks
3:22 – How Dr. Prasad would advise a combination approach, starting with the upper eyelids to reduce hooding, but also warns to not remove too much skin because it is a telltale sign of obvious eyelid surgery
4:00 – How too much skin and fat removal in eyelid surgery can make the eyes look more feminine, but can also make the eyes look older
4:23 – How the tear trough can be treated with several options, first to check if there is any excess fat that may require surgical removal, and also adjacent hollowing that can be treated non-surgically to improve volume and skin quality
4:53 – How platelet-rich plasma, a product of a patient’s own blood, can be used to improve skin quality though stimulation of collagen and blood supply in the under eye area
5:03 – Why it is important to address the cheeks, because they support and frame the eyes, so the cheeks should be looked at as whole with the eyes and the rest of the face
5:18 – Dr. Prasad’s experience with facelifts, cheek volume augmentation, chin implants, and other facial procedures, so he really looks at the structure of the face for volume loss through bone, muscle and fat
5:42 – How Dr. Prasad would place volume in the cheek area to give more support around the eyes
5:56 – How Dr. Prasad performs all eye procedures with local anesthesia with LITE IV sedation, so general anesthesia is avoided and surgical recovery is much faster
6:14 – How Dr. Prasad uses injectable treatments concurrently with eyelid surgery to improve pigment and skin quality, which helps improve the area more without additional recovery time needed
6:34 – The importance of meeting with qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons to learn about options, and finding one he resonates with because doctors will always give differing opinions

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