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DSLM Sexual Overtures, Space, and Touch

Learn to read body language in regards to space and touch. Learn to read and capitalize on the sexual overtures a woman sends daily. This show is all about learning to read attraction and not paying attention to just IOIs.

If you want to learn to read body language you need to understand space touch and sexual overtures. Each contributes it’s in its own way to not just attraction but comfort with the individual you’re interacting with.

A sexual overtures of very small behavior that a woman does when she comes near you stands close to or basically gives you the opportunity to act on her attraction to you she gives you a shot at her. It’s often a sign missed by men because a woman standing close means attraction sometimes but not always obviously context plays a huge role in how close a woman is going to stand to you.

Touch often means attraction but you also need to pay attention to culture. Culture can mean that particular person is used to more touch could also mean that culture is used two less touch to be very aware so you do not offend somebody if you are too touchy-feely. Touch is almost always a sign of attraction on some level though it may not be sexual.

Space and sexual overtures are actually highly related, with spaces kind of its own tail in its own way because a woman may giving a sexual overtures often a stranger, but a woman whose closing in on space is often somebody you know is already attracted but you start realizing how strong attraction is by how little distance they give you. Space is often the most reliable of all signs because people can choose how far they want to be from you. However it still is cultural and that people from small towns like more space and people from large cities are comfortable with less space.

If you want to learn How to read attraction then you need to understand space, sexual overtures, and touch.


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Science of Natural Game is about helping guys improve their lives, particularly in romance but begins with self-improvement and extends to your dating life. Poeticlyskuac (Vic) is a moderator and well-known contributor on a pick up artist forum. He is known for his contributions in the pick up world for body language, simplifying and making body language easy to understand. His expertise do extend to inner game (self-esteem, self-confidence, self-limiting beliefs), women (or what we know about them ;), attraction, sex, sexual tension, as well as the overall process of simply getting women. This channel teaches you how to get women, how to improve your life, and how to love your life, through education and self-improvement.

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