How to feel manly/masculine, short guys/men problems, honest talk | Relationship Talks #4

Watch our new relationship talks video: How to feel manly/masculine, short guys/men problems, honest talk | Relationship Talks #4 with Simi & Danny

Ahoj friends!

This video is part of our new Relationship Talks series. We will talk here about any kind of relationship problems and questions coming from you. So feel free to send us your concerns, questions, situations and whatever you feel to talk about. Our goal is to give you relationship/dating advice for couples/men/women from our individual point of you, coming out of a special relationship like ours. Having a long distance relationship in the beginning, an age difference, being an international couple and yes, also having quite a height difference. Our social media accounts, E-Mail address and the P.O. Box are ready for you. You can find all the information you need in every video description.

In this episode of Relationship Talks, we are talking about how to feel manly/masculine as a short guy/men, also in a relationship. This time we didn’t take a question from you, but wanted to make a counterpart to our last Relationship Talk about how to feel girly. It’s the short guys/men video and Danny is talking about his personal experiences and feelings as a short guy ‚Äď an honest/privat talk. This time we also switch sides and Simi is interviewing Danny. She asks some questions she finds interesting and we talk one more time how to feel manly in a relationship. Maybe you can find yourself a little in there as well or you have complete different experiences. So tell us what you think in the comments! ūüôā Thank you so much for watching!

We hope you liked our first relationship talks/advice video and could get something out of it. We are steadily working to improve this series, also with your help. Please let us know if you have any problems/questions yourself or constructive improvement suggestions.

Thank you very much for watching our Relationship Talks series with Simi and Danny: How to feel manly/masculine, short guys/men problems, honest talk | Relationship Talks #4 with Simi & Danny

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