Salon Name Ideas – 6 Tips on how to choose a name for your salon

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Salon name ideas are a big part of branding your salon. Check out my blog post about picking a good name for your salon:

When you open the doors of a new salon, there are many things to consider: location, logo, product line, and salon name!
Choosing a name for your salon can be a frustrating task, because you want it to be perfect. You want it to be catchy, but not tacky. Memorable, but not cheezy. While I believe picking a salon name is very important, it does not have to be difficult. In this video, I will give you the most important things to consider when deciding on a salon name, and hopefully by the end, your salon name will almost pick itself!

Before you open your doors, spend some time goal setting. Write them down. Visualize your salon in 5 years? How many employees? What is the environment and salon culture? When you can see your salon 5 years down the road, write down some 1 word adjectives that describe your salon. Hang on to these words, because they will be the foundation for the rest of your salon name ideas.

Picking a salon name that has a strong domain name that is available is very important. Having a strong and memorable domain name that matches your salon name is a VERY important part of the process. This is going to be on your business cards, business directory profile pages, and all other salon advertising materials, so make it a name that represents your salon brand.

Before you open the doors, you have to know the demographics of your audience. What is average age, income and style of those within driving distance to your salon? This will dictate your prices, salon culture, environment, and SALON NAME!

If you are a male salon owner, perhaps you simply want to name your salon after yourself. Benefit: It sets you apart specifically in your city as a hair professional. Heck, you have a salon named after you!

Another idea is to take a weekend, and go door-to-door asking your neighbors to help you choose a salon name. Say something like, “Hi, my name is Dustin, and I am opening up a salon right over there. I am trying to choose between 3 names for my salon, and am wondering if you could tell me what salon you would be more likely to visit strictly on the salon name?”

I am hesitant to include this in my name picking post, but many of you will go this route anyway, so let me address it. Salons love homonyms, and other ways to incorporate part of the job in their name! Let me give you some clever (and already done) salon name ideas:
1. Shear Perfection – You cut hair with shears….that’s cute.
2. A Cut Above The Rest – We cut hair…clever.
3. Do or Dye Salon – Common phrase, but we spell dye, as in hair color.
4. Tease Salon – A hair styling technique, and also kinda scandalous.
5. Head Quarters Salon – No explanation needed!
6. Color Outside The Lines – For a salon focusing on hair color
7. Seattle International Hairport – Incorporate the city name, and a play on words.
8. Salon Thairapy – Actually kinda catchy while identifying as a “hair” salon.
9. Tooth & Nail Salon – One especially for nail salons.

Some Salon Name Choosing Don’ts
1. 6th Street Hair Studio – Never name your salon after a street. What if you have to move locations?
2. Salon J’Dane – Maybe it is French; who knows. All I know is no one in town can pronounce it, nor do they know what it means. I think it took a few months for the owners to figure it out, and now they go by Salon J. Much better, but now it is confusing on their business license, or domain name if they have one.
3. Utopia Salon – Sounds great, but they will never deliver. Pick a name that will demonstrate accurately who you are. Even Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, is not a utopia. Every customer here must be disappointed when they didn’t live up to their name.
4. Hip Chicks Salon – Yes, that example earlier was from a real salon in my city! The name just screams snobby, and maybe that is what they were going for. Not good for attracting new clients, though.
5. Waunanuba Salon – Huh? My first thought is, ‘this must be where Chewbacca gets his hair cut. It doesn’t sound like a place where I will leave beautiful.
Picking a salon name is an important step in opening your own salon. I hope this post got your creative juices flowing, and gave you a good start to picking the perfect name for your salon.

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