Venus Williams' Boyfriend Comes From A Lot Of Money

Venus Williams may never match her little sister’s stat-shattering tennis career, but the sports star siblings appear to be neck and neck in the romance department. They’ve both bagged rich, handsome beaus, but not much is known about Venus’ paramour. So, just who is her millionaire boyfriend?

Nicholas Hammond is the child of socialite Dana Hammond and her ex-husband, James. Dana’s grandmother was the sister of publishing mogul Walter Annenberg, which is where the family’s fortune comes from.

At the height of his career, Annenberg presided over a vast communications empire, which included TV Guide and Seventeen magazine.

When he passed away in 2002 at the age of 94, half of his reported $4 billion fortune was divided among his relatives. Which is how Dana, and, by extension, Nicholas, became filthy rich. And he continues to grow said fortune as a financier who splits his time between California and New York. Watch the video for more about how Venus Williams’ Boyfriend Comes From A Lot Of Money.

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He’s crazy rich | 0:16
He flies under the radar | 0:50
PDA is their jam | 1:16
He’s no gold digger | 1:36
Who needs to win? | 2:02
She met the parents | 2:29
His age is on point | 2:55
He must love kids | 3:13
What’s that ring? | 3:39


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