Tesla Time News – Zac & Jesse Safely Inspect the Model Y!

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Welcome back for episode 185 of Tesla Time News!!!! Stay tuned for Tesla Time News every Monday! Please consider supporting us on Patreon. We have some pledge rewards you may be interested in, so go check that out. Now You Know! #Tesla #NowYouKnow #ElonMusk

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Nawelo –

Model Y is here! – 1:06
Tesla Fremont & NY Giga Factories Forced to Shutdown – 11:35
Giga-Berlin still getting worked on – 15:20
NTSB Finds Semi Driver at Fault – 15:56
Tesla #1 in Iceland – 24:09
Tesla Giving Free Electricity for 2 months – 27:01
E bikes in France – 29:52
New Canadian Electric Bus – 41:14
Tesla to Make Ventilators – 42:22
Tesla No-Touch Service – 45:57
Oklahoma BFF – 48:44
Xpeng P7 NHTSA Permit – 50:18

Model Y is here!

Tesla Fremont & NY Giga Factories Forced to Shutdownย 

NTSB Finds Semi Driver at Fault

Tesla #1 in Iceland

Tesla Giving Free Electricity for 2 months

New Canadian Electric Bus

Tesla to Make Ventilators

Tesla No-Touch Service

Oklahoma BFF

Xpeng P7 NHTSA Permit


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