Rational Rhapsody Tip #54 – Linking models to remote requirements in DOORS NG 6.0.6 (Intermediate)

This second 7 min video follows on from the previous one (#53) and shows what you can do once you’ve associated a Rhapsody /am project area with a DOORS NG /rm project area. This is really the core of what OSLC linking is all about. You can connect data to other lifecycle artefacts without leaving the tool that you’re in. In my opinion the Rhapsody development team have actually done a good job here with the 6.0.6 implementation of Rhapsody Model Manager (RMM) – its server-side back-end. The good thing for me is that it fully supports the well established mechanisms of an OMG SysML approach with requirements in the model and traceability captured both graphically and in diagrams. It allows you to dovetail requirements in DOORS NG with modeling artifacts in Rhapsody despite them being separate applications. Other good things in the 6.0.6 (Rhapsody 8.3.1) implementation are the ability to navigate from the web-client to the Rhapsody rich client, and the quickness of the linking. It’s almost like the requirements are part of the model, despite the fact that they’re being provided and linked to by an separate application.


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