Tesla Time News – Model Y Sighted in Canada!

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Netherlands Lowering Speed Limits – 1:12
Fully Charged Live – 1:59
Starlink launch success – 5:26
Model Y Sighted in Toronto – 6:15
Guardian Rejects Fossil Fuel Ads – 7:18
Scenic Mode? – 10:01
Mini Cooper SE – 13:46
Hyundai 2020 Ioniq Electric – 15:22
Elon Song – 16:21
China Bans Single Use Plastic – 17:09
Lincoln To Build on Rivian Skateboard – 18:43
Rivian Base Price Lower? – 20:14
Tesla Page – 21:42
Free Supercharging During Coronavirus – 23:02

Netherlands Lowering Speed Limits
Starlink launch success

Guardian Rejects Fossil Fuel Ads
Mini Cooper SE
Hyundai 2020 Ioniq Electric
China Bans Single Use Plastic
Lincoln To Build on Rivian Skateboard
Rivian Base Price Lower?

Free Supercharging During Coronavirus


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