Cosmetic Surgery in Private Hospitals (English)

Private Hospitals
Video transcript

[Footage of a surgeon retrieving rubber gloves from a box]

[Female voice over with matching text on screen]:

Thinking of getting liposuction, breast augmentation or tummy tuck?

It is not legal to perform liposuction or cosmetic surgeries in an unregistered setting.

[Interview shot of Dr Anh Nguyen, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, speaking to camera]

[Dr Anh Nguyen speaks]:

Dr Anh Nguyen: When someone wants to undergo a cosmetic procedure it’s really important for that individual to really assess what their goals are and then weigh that up against what the risks are.

[Overlay footage of a plastic surgeon discussing with a patient]

[Overlay footage of Professor Anand Deva discussing with a patient]

[Interview shot of Professor Anand Deva, Cosmetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, speaking to camera]

[Professor Anand Deva speaks]:

The job of the provider should be to really sit down, find out exactly what the patient’s expectations are, and then spend some time in language that they can understand to explain the benefits but also the risks.

[Overlay footage of Professor Anand Deva physically assessing a patient]

[Footage of two plastic surgeons operating on a patient]

[Female voice over with matching text on screen]:

It is illegal for healthcare providers to administer anaesthetic in an unregistered facility. Safe doses of local anaesthetic can be used.

[Overlay footage of Karen Cusack sitting at her desk]

[Interview shot of Karen Cusack, speaking to camera]

[Karen Cusack speaks]:

It’s important that people shouldn’t be afraid or concerned to ask questions of that provider. They can ask for the qualifications, what sort of treatment they’ve provided in the past, and to really question what it is they’re having done.

[Overlay footage of a plastic surgeon discussing with a procedure patient]

[Female voice over]:

So if you’re considering having a cosmetic procedure, make sure you ask:

[Female voice over with matching text on screen]:

Is the facility registered?

Who will be performing the surgery?

Are they a registered medical practitioner?

How many times have they performed this surgery?

What are the risks associated with this surgery?

What type of anaesthetic will I be given?

Who will be administering the anaesthetic?

What are their qualifications?

[Overlay footage of websites]

[Female voice over]:

Check your facility is registered by going to the Vic Health website and check that your medical or surgical practitioner is also registered by going to the AHPRA website.

[Female voice over with matching text on screen]:

If you suspect a provider isn’t registered or following the rules, please contact the Private Hospitals Unit on

[Victorian Government logo]

[Text on screen]:

Authorised by the Department of Health & Human Services

50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Spoken by Dr A Nguyen, Prof A Deva, K Cusack and N Scerensini.


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