The Latest Scale Model News from Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019

An all-star array of hobby manufacturers packed the 2019 Shizuoka Hobby Show on May 8-12—and here’s our up-close look at their finest scale-model kits being readied for release! There were too many highlights to name—watch and see!—but Tamiya had everyone talking with its stunning displays, featuring a 1/10 Mazda 3 RC Car, Honda Monkey 125, British Tank Destroyer M10 IIC Achilles, and so much more! Other exciting reveals include Fine Molds’ new Prototype 12-shi and Model 11 Zero Fighter set, Hasegawa’s array of Japanese speed machines and intriguing Yanmar Combine YH6115, Aoshima’s beautiful snap-fit Toyota C-HR, Nissan GT-R and Suzuki Jimmy, Meng’s beautifully engineered U.S. Medium Tank M4A3 [76] W…just to name a few! Check out our video to see all the excitement on the horizon!

Check out our photo gallery from the show:

Shop the items from the show here!:

1/400 Crusher Joe Minerva ▶
1/24 Toyota Starlet EP71 Turbo S (3-Door) Late Production Type ▶
1/35 YANMAR Combine YH6115 ▶
1/24 Fashion Model & Companion Girl Figures ▶
1/24 YHP Nissan R92CP ▶
1966 American Coupe Type B w/Blonde Girls Figure ▶
Datsun 240Z HLS30 (Left-Hand Drive Ver.) ▶
Diesel Kiki Skyline GTS-R (R31) ▶
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III 1996 Swedish Rally Winner ▶
Kawasaki KH400-A3/A4 ▶
A10 Thunderbolt II UAV ▶
IJN Destroyer Yugumo & Kazagumo (Yugumo-class) & Asagumo (Asashio-class) Occupation of Kiska (3pcs) ▶
JK Mate Series Sailor Fuku (Summer) ▶
Crusher Joe Fighter 2 w/Alfin Figure ▶
Suzuki GT380 B Shonan Bakusozoku ▶
Area 88 F-104 Startfighter (Type G) Seilane Balnock ▶
Operation Omega ▶

1/24 Toyota NTP10 JPN Taxi ’17 Super White II ▶
1/32 Toyota C-HR (White Pearl Crystal Shine) ▶
1/32 Toyota C-HR (Black Mica) ▶
1/72 JGSDF Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle Rapid Deployment Regiment ▶
1/24 Liberty Walk Charasuka 2Dr ▶
1/24 Toyota GRS214 Crown Patrol Car for Traffic Control ’16 ▶
Portable Compressor and Airbrush Kit ▶

1/72 IJN 12-shi Carrier-based Fighter & Zero Fighter Model 11 2 Aircraft Set ▶
1/35 Type 97 Light AFV Teke Ribbon Musha ▶
1/72 IJA 150t Super Heavy Tank O-I ▶
1/35 British M10 IIC Achilles ▶
1/35 German Self-Propelled Gun Hummel Late Production Type ▶
RC HKS Nissan Skyline GT-R Gr.A (TT-01 Chassis Type-E) (RC Limited) ▶
1/12 Honda Monkey 125 ▶
1/350 IJN Destroyer Yukikaze Detail Up Set ▶
1/72 Messerschmitt Bf109 G-6 ▶
1/700 DDV192 Aircraft Carrier Ibuki ▶
Mini 4WD Pro Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT/Yaris WRC (MA) ▶
1/350 IJN Destroyer Yukikaze Detail Up Set ▶

1/32 Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Type 21 (Bombing) ▶
1/32 Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Type 21 (Pearl Harbor Attacker) ▶
1/32 Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Type 21 ▶
Human Body Model Series Posing Human Body (Muscles and Blood Vessels) 19cm ▶
Human Body Model Series Heart 14cm ▶
Human Body Model Series Upper Body 12.7cm ▶
Human Body Model Series Whole Body Skeleton 46cm ▶
Human Body Model Series Skull 9cm ▶

1/35 British RR Armoured Car 1914/1920 ▶
Warship Builder: Harbor in the Industrial Age ▶
WWT British Infantry Tank A12 Matilda II ▶
1/9 Kawasaki Ninja H2R ▶

1/32 Messerschmitt Me-262 A1 ▶
1/72 GTK Boxer Command Post NL ▶
1/144 Airbus A380-800 Lufthansa New Livery ▶

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