The difference between sexual attraction and emotional connection (dating advice 2019)

The difference between sexual attraction and emotional connection and how to tell the difference between sexual attraction and emotional connection! (Dating advice 2019)

The answer to this seems obvious, and it is, but when you’re in the midst of love, lust and infatuation, it’s sometimes *hard* to know where you stand.

And sometimes knowing the difference between physical attraction and emotional connection can be a bit tricky with the whole hook-up culture, especially among the younger pleasure seekers.

Most guys won’t mind if a girl is just using him for his body, but for a dude who’s looking for long term love and, dare I write it, …commitment, then yeah, you do want to know if she wants you for more than your bone.

So, what’s a dog to do?

Watch for the signs that she’s into you — and not just because you’re putting it into her.

In this video, I talk about the sexual attraction vs emotional connection and the signs that she likes you. (Which, for any ladybirds watching this, also applies to the dude you dream about making your LT BF.)

There are a bunch of brilliant AJ nuggets in this one, like “you can’t make someone be ready”, so be sure to watch the whole dang thing and read the “after thought” notes I’ve added throughout.

If you want the roadmap to the love meadow aka how to get a girlfriend, get my online video course WakeUP2Luv. Warning: it’s comprehensive. What’s that mean, AJ? It means that it ain’t for lazies, there’s homework in every module. Knowledge is only power if action backs it up. Yo.



Ladies, find out how to get your dream man here:

Disclaimer: As always, I’m not a psychologist/therapist/shrink so you’re taking your life in your hands by following my suggestions. You’re responsible for your own actions. Obvi. xo


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