4 Salon Marketing Trends You Need To Try!

Get ready to up your salon’s marketing strategies in 2019! From Facebook chatbots to the latest email and text messaging marketing ideas, these are the salon marketing trends you just can’t ignore this year!

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Salon Marketing Trend #1: Boost Your Local Marketing and Networking Efforts

While a lot of salon marketing trends are focused on online and the latest social media strategies, never underestimate the power of good ole local networking and WOM (word of mouth)! As a local business, this will always be your bread and butter! From organizing local networking events to strategic holistic partnerships and sponsors, we’ve got just the right amount of new, refreshing local marketing ideas for your salon!

Salon Marketing Trend #2: Optimize Your Salon’s Instagram Profile

If you haven’t created an Instagram Business Account for your salon, yet, 2019 is your year! It’s not enough to just have an account on Instagram, you must have a business account to give you access to must-have analytics and insights to help you run your salon marketing efforts more effectively. Plus, popular salon booking softwares like Vagaro and StyleSeat already have built-in Instagram integrations! New clients are literally an Instagram button click away!

Salon Marketing Trend #3: Facebook Chatbots!

Chatbots are not just a Silicon Valley trend! These powerful automation tools are just what your salon needs to give an amazing new /current client booking experience without ever being near your computer or phone. From booking salon appointments to asking your business hours, Chatbots allow you have to have a receptionist for your Facebook account, while getting that booking rate up, up up!

Salon Marketing Trend #4: Email & SMS Marketing!

Most of us already know the magic of email and text appointment reminders, but what if we took it a step further? Email and SMS Marketing Platforms give small businesses (like salons) the chance to thrive and connect with clients like never before! This is a personal business, and it’s time to start building relationships with your clients even when they aren’t in the salon!


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