Super model

Model Nateena

Roses are red, violets are blue, WE RICH MONEY MODELS , THE BAD GAL CREW!!!!!!!

Model Naomi

Jordan says “ Model Naomi pictures is all over my city”.

“Since seeing her face everywhere, I have came to like her beauty very much”he said.

Super Model Cynthia

Rich money models grandmother, Babara king, was also a model and a performer.
From his grand mother, to his mother, he learned the intricacies of how to be a model. Rich money models learned style and perfected fashion under two true Queens of modeling,  from an early age.

Model Xioma

Xiomi is admirable, adorable, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, captivating, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enthralling, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, fetching, fine, foxy, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful and a whole lot. She is a full package of beauty. Xiomi walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies and her eyes mellowed to that tender light, which heaven to gaudy day.
Xiomi, one of the gems at rich money model is capped with an average height, she is a size 6, with a tiny waistline and hips that would make you lost in words when you meet her. Her glowing caramel skin shade cannot be overemphasized as it radiates exceptionally when she struts the runway or when she is shot for portraits. Xiomi rocks her low curly blonde hair in a grand style. Her smile is so enchanting due to her perfect dentition, she melt heart with her smile. Her smile would sell any product. Her skin is so beautiful and succulent it shines like pearl. Xiomi has a great body which makes her extremely sought after in the industry.
When Xiomi speaks, her beautiful accent and tender voice is so sexy, she would definitely melt the heart of every single person she meet, this is why lot of photographers and clients love to work with her. She is classy and a woman of worth, she works with any given time and never late for appointments.
Her physical features sums up to make her the queen of models. She can struck any pose effortlessly and graciously with a daring stare every now and then. She makes every photography session worthwhile, she poses effortlessly with her freckles creating an extra effect to every shot.
Whatever niche in modeling Xiomi would deliver, as she would make every product look more beautiful and adoring. She lived every moment fully. In her words she wants to live, love and laugh unconditionally. Her skin dazzles and glow even in the dark, you would wonder how she was created. Her glistening skin would make heartbeat faster with any one she comes in contact with.
Xiomi personality, intelligence, grace, politeness, charisma, integrity, congruence and elegance make her one of our sought after models, when you work with her you would definitely want more time again and again to work with her because apart from her personality she is also professional and work with time. She is never late to a shoot, her level of punctuality is at the highest point. Anywhere Xiomi finds herself she tends to blend in and make the environment worthwhile, this is why she is often loved by everyone. Xiomi beauty has made it possible for top stylists and photographers to feature her on huge deals and shoots. Rich money modeling agency are well pleased to have Xiomi with us and we can assure you if you book Xiomi today all these qualities are what to expect and you would definitely want to book her for more jobs when you give her a trial.

Model Samira

This models nick name  is “Empress of the sky’s”!!!!

You want to talk About being beautiful? You cannot mention the word pretty without mentioning Model Samira in the same sentence.

Model Samira
Samira is a 5 feet 9 inches tall lady measuring about 34 inches bust size, 23 inches waist size and 34 inches hips size, qualifying her to be a Rich Models modeling agency’s supermodel. Samira is altogether beautiful and amazing. Her alluring hair length has revealed how often she visits the salon as its state of good health cannot be overemphasized. Her dauntless suntanned skin announces her presence, every time she shows up, she glows up, and you can’t help but steal a glance. Bulgy as it is, laced with thin lids and long lashes, her enchanting eyes would remind you of petals around a rose, Samira is so beautiful. Of course these bright eyes stand to give beauty to her heart shaped face designed with a pointed and straight nose. Her full lips looks so edible so much that anyone that comes in contact with her wants to steal a bite. She never forgets to wear her bright smiles exposing her white teeth and her breathtaking beauty that won’t cease to set fire to your hearts.
Beautiful as she is, her humility knows no bound, she creates a beautiful work environment, she has a good relationship with her colleagues, always punctual and ready to learn. Samira is blessed with broad shoulders which seem to build her confidence and makes her walking steps extremely thrilling, good as it is, she is aware, so, she uses it the right way, conscious of every steps dropping her admirer’s jaws. She is a lover of the swimming exercise that probably contributed to her flexible glass-shaped body. Eats only healthy foods and drinks lots of water. Samira wears bodycon dresses alot, her killer body cannot be hidden after all, constantly revealing her boldness, elegance and bravery.

She possess full, round, firm breasts and makes her extremely sexy whenever she puts on a dress. One can easily tell how soft warm, firm and supportive her abdomen is, how can a short nap on such feel though? Her ravishing thighs are always intact and never caught unfresh. Her hot always perfectly shaved long legs spells CHARISMA as she confidently walks like a queen in her kingdom. Her majestic feet in her beautiful stilettos screams royalty as her nail polish pops out like sunrise as though if she walks closer the sun will shine brighter if she walks away it will go dim. Does this mean we have found the one that controls the rise and set of the sun? Funny indeed! How best can one describe her back view? Her head up high, one can guess how brainy, creative, elegant, diligent and intellectual Samira is with her ponytail always dangling around her butt as she walks.
Her energetic long legs fixes our gazes on itself as nobody can blink but have their minds and eyes stuck in adoration of such a beauty as she walks out of sight. I can however categorically say that she has made very reasonable impact in the growth of this agency. She has bagged a good number of awards for herself in particular and the agency by extension. She possess very good command of English, effective communication skills and ideas oriented which makes her the best choice for any modelling GIG and be rest assured that she would deliver and give her best in whatever situation she finds herself. She has been a role model for new intakes and her colleagues as well. She is not going to stop at these achievements however, she is fully aware that there is a lot more to achieve and always ready to do more. Model Samira is the real deal.

Samira Rich money models her fucking ass off every where she goes! And our audience just loves her. We’ve been so happy at the attention she is getting, but in all honesty, no one knows the magnitude of this models elegance and power. The world has a deliverer. Her name is model Samira!!!!

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